6 Signs Your Exgirlfriend Still Loves You

When a girl breaks up with you, she usually walks away. But what if she still hangs around?

Do you have an ex who calls you? Text-messages you? Drops by once in a while, just to say hi, but still pushes you away when you suggest getting back together?

Signs Exgirlfriend Loves You
Can you recognize the signs she still loves you
and might want you back?

Exactly what are the signs that your exgirlfriend still has feelings for you? And if she's showing a few of these signs, what exactly can you do to win her back?

Emotional Ties After the Breakup

Women are emotional creatures. When you went out with your girlfriend, you connected on mental, physical, but most of all, some very intimately emotional levels.

A lot of these emotional ties run deep. Your girlfriend fell hard in love with you during the very beginning of your romance, and it was during that honeymoon phase that the roots of your future relationship were formed.

So when she broke up with you? Your girlfriend tried to sever those ties. She tried to break whatever bonds still held you together, in order to move forward without you.

Breaking the physical bonds was easy for her: she just stopped seeing you. But the emotional ties? Those she had to bury.

Or at least, TRY to bury.

See, losing you is made easier when your girlfriend doesn't have to think about things. This is why she probably hasn't contacted you. Any time a girl drops completely out of your life after breaking up with you, it's because avoiding you is easier than facing any lingering feelings (i.e. emotional ties) she might still have for you.

Luckily there are ways of drawing those feelings back to the surface. Methods and techniques you can use that will force your ex girlfriend to deal with how she truly loves and feels for you.

In the meantime, when a girl still loves you after the breakup? There will always be signs. Here's what to look for, so you know when to act on them:

Signs That She Still Loves You - Even After the Break

Girls are notorious for being subtle. Sometimes they will give off signals, rather than say what they mean. To find out what they're thinking, you need to interpret their actions. What they say is important. How they might say it - along with any body language that goes with it - can be even more telling.

1)   Your Ex Girlfriend Starts Talking to Your Friends

If your girlfriend truly wants nothing more to do with you, she's going to keep far, far away. She'll avoid places you might go, and people who might know you. And when it comes to your friends? She'll avoid them like the plague, simply because any contact she makes with them will get right back to you.

So when your ex starts communicating with your friends again? Or her friends talk to yours? It's generally a good sign that she's putting out some 'feelers'.

Don't jump the gun and interpret this as 'my ex wants me back'. That's not necessarily true just yet. Still, she's indirectly re-opening some important lines of communication. Keep your eyes and ears open, and tell your friends to do the same.

2)   Your Ex Girlfriend Hangs Out The Same Places You Do

Like I said above, when a girl moves on she moves on. Seeing you would be uncomfortable, especially if she's already started dating someone else.

For this reason, if your ex starts coming by places she knows that you'll be? It's a pretty safe bet she's trying to get noticed. One or two times might be coincidence, but over and over again? She's making herself visible. Take note of her behaviors, which leads to...

3) Your Ex Starts Flirting With You Again

Is your ex suddenly affectionate again when she sees you? Hey, you dated her once already, you should already know how she flirts.

A girl who's interested in you will make excuses to be close to you. She might touch your arm when she talks, or laugh at the things you say even when they're not particularly funny. Look for her to lean in to you, or put her face close to yours - the body language of a girl who's interested in you is something you should know how to pick up on.

If your ex is flirting with you it's usually a green light. It doesn't mean you're golden (not yet, anyway) but it does mean you can flirt back. Keep yourself in check though. Make her chase YOU for a while. In other words, don't throw yourself at her or play her game. If you come back at her too strongly, she's going to retreat... just to play on how overly-interested you are.

Getting back with an ex is about appearing NOT desperate. It's easy to blow it here, so be careful.

4) Your Ex Girlfriend Drunk Dialed You

Hey, it happens. We all have moments of weakness, and this is your ex's: she calls you up late one night after having one too many to drink.

There's good news and there's good news here. First, your ex is definitely thinking about you. Alcohol makes people do things that they wouldn't normally do sober, but it also makes them do things the WISH they could do sober. And in this case, your ex has probably wanted to call you for a while.

Being drunk - or even the pretense of being drunk, so check on that too - is a great excuse for her to give you that "hey, how are you doing?" phone call. It leaves her still in a position of power (i.e. "hey, sorry, I only called you because I was drinking) but it also allows her to directly contact you and feel you out on a good many things.

When the drunk dial call happens, don't look too far into it. Talk with your ex and keep it light and comfortable. NO heavy conversations. NO talking about "whose fault it was" that the two of you broke up. It should be more of a nostalgic call; reminisce about old times, but don't go into any bad times (fights/arguments) while on the phone with her.

The drunk-dial can also turn into the drunken hookup. Read here for lots more advice on whether or not it's okay to have sex with your ex.

5) Your Ex Contacts You to Get Her Stuff Back

It happens all the time; you break up, but there are still some material things that tie you together.

If you lived with your ex, or dated for a long time, you could each have a number of things still at the other's place. Giving this stuff back to each other will always put you face-to-face, and this is a good excuse to talk to your ex (or for her to talk to you) about anything, really.

How long has it been since your ex contacted you? If she's calling for something small and stupid (anything under $20 that could easily be replaced), she's probably more interested in seeing you and less interested in the item itself. Use this opportunity to gauge how she feels. Let her talk, see what she says. If she's making eye contact and doesn't seem in a hurry to leave, she's most likely giving off some signals that she still has feelings.

6) Your Ex Stops by to See You or Wants to Meet With You Again

When your ex misses you to the point where a phone call won't cut it, she'll want to see you again. This could be something as simple as a flirtatious pop-in when you least expect it, or something as substantial as a full-blown reunion date.

In either case, it's always a sign she still loves you when she can't keep away. The feelings she had for you as a girlfriend as still there, and they're manifesting themselves in the form of physical contact.

Be sure you know what to do and say on the reunion date. Even if it's nothing more than a cup of coffee, there are seeds you can plant in your ex's head that will make her want you back. Conversely, there are also blunders you can make that might drive her away. Learn what to say and what to avoid saying before you even step foot out your door.

What if My Ex Shows No Signs of Contact?

If none of the above signs have manifested themselves in the weeks after your breakup, your exgirlfriend may need a little prompting. Luckily you can jumpstart your ex's interest in just about any breakup situation, if you know what to do.

First, make sure you've followed the first steps in getting back an ex girlfriend; you've used counter-rejection and withdrawal techniques to make her miss you again. These are simple rules to learn, but hard ones to keep, as leaving your ex alone for a while can be somewhat painful.

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