My Girlfriend Wants Time Apart

Okay, so she asked for some 'time apart'. Or maybe she told you she needed some space. Or maybe she told you everything was 'moving too fast' and she wants to slow it down. It's all the same, honestly.

My Girlfriend Wants Time Apart
Is she really looking for time apart? Or is it something else?

But what doe she really mean?

Is your relationship over? Did your girlfriend just break up with you, or are things still fine and she's actually just looking for a little breathing room?

Get ready for some brutal honesty, because it's the only thing that's going to help you in this situation. Ready?

Your girlfriend DOESN'T want time apart from you.

Your girlfriend DOESN'T want a break from your relationship.

Your girlfriend ISN'T looking for 'space', whatever the hell that means.

Unfortunately, the sad truth of it is this: your girlfriend is about to break up with you.

The reason she's dumping you is entirely unclear, because she's refusing to tell you what it is. So instead of being honest and letting you know why the romance isn't working for her, your girlfriend is taking the easy (and cowardly) way out: she's using the "let's give each other some time apart" thing as an excuse to detach from you.

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That said, time apart means you have to sit there and do nothing. It means seeing each other less and less, if at all. Ultimately, you'll drift apart. Phone calls and text messages will drop off. Eventually you'll come to realize the one thing you didn't want to original face: your relationship is over. She broke up with you, without even having to break up with you.

Pretty slick, right?

Why Your Girlfriend Said She Wants Space

Let's face it; breaking up is an uncomfortable situation. Sitting you down and telling you face to face is something your girlfriend would rather avoid doing. Some girls use the "space" thing thinking they're letting a guy down easy. But that's just what they're telling themselves to rationalize what they're doing.

In reality, your girlfriend is doing this for HERSELF. She's avoiding the discomfort of dumping you, and the awkwardness of you trying to talk her out of it.

And while your'e sitting there, giving her 'space'? You're suffering. You're stuck in relationship limbo. You have no idea what to do, because you're not supposed to do anything.

Call her and you're suddenly smothering her. Don't call her, and you run the risk of losing her for good. It's a lose-lose situation for you. There's no right answer.

The Good News About Your Girlfriend Wanting Time Apart

Okay, let's stop with the doom and gloom. Your girl wanting to distance herself isn't all bad news, and there ARE things you can do to reverse the situation and get her to come running back to you.

First, understand that your girlfriend still has strong emotional ties to you. If she didn't, she would've broken things off quickly and permanently.

What she's doing here is trying to keep you waiting around for her. She wants the freedom to see other people and do other things, all while you're still shackled to the relationship on the hopes of her coming back.

So to get your girlfriend back right away? You need to BREAK those shackles. And you do so by telling her exactly this:

"Yeah, sorry, I'm not into the whole 'give each other space' thing."

As she sits there looking confused, you keep going:

"Either we're dating or we're NOT dating. There's no middle ground. I don't want to date you half-assed, and I'm sure as hell not going to sit around waiting for you to decide if and when you've had enough time apart from me."

Your girlfriend isn't going to like this at all. See, she had an idea in her head of how things would go. In it, you begged for her not to go, and she pulled even further away, telling you to sit and wait for her while she was free to play the field. She wanted the security of knowing you'd wait around for her. Now she doesn't have that, because you're taking that away.

Finally, just as she's realizing she might be in over her head, you tell her:

"Look, I love you. But things haven't been the greatest lately, and maybe you're right, maybe we should break up. I'm glad you said this."

WHAM! Your girlfriend just got smacked in the face with her own biggest fear; losing you before she's ready to. Now, instead of allowing her to get used to not seeing so much of you (and taking you back in the event she missed you), you just ripped the band-aid clean off with one quick movement. YOU DUMPED HER instead of HER DUMPING YOU.

Now you might be thinking this isn't what you want. I get that. But know that this preemptive breakup is only a temporary measure. It's an emergency move you're using to counter-reject your girlfriend before she's given the chance to let go of you slowly. This makes her want you more than ever, because she's not even remotely ready to let you go, and also because we always want the things we can't have.

Once she thinks she can't have you? Your girl is going to want you more than ever before.

My Girlfriend and I are on a Break - What Can I Do?

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