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As amazing as this website is, the resources found here are limited. While walking along the path to getting back an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, sometimes you can't help but just get stuck.

Ex Back Review
Knowledge is key when it
comes to getting your ex back

Luckily, help doesn't end here. The internet is chock full of downloadable guides to reversing a breakup, and many of them offer crucial play-by-play analysis of what to do, what to say, and how to act in order to get back together with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Some of these breakup guidebooks are good... others may not be as helpful. Yet the more knowledge you have before attempting to win your ex's heart again, the greater the chances that you'll succeed.

Like everything else, the art of getting an ex to come back to you is a completely teachable skill. Learning everything you can is a vital part of doing and saying just the right things.

Never approach reconciliation without a plan. Too many people think they can just wing it, and the wind up doing more damage than good. By the time they realize their mistake, getting back together is almost impossible. You always want to get things right from the start.

Below you'll find detailed reviews of the best and most popular 'get your ex back' resources on the internet. All of them include dozens of pages advice on how to fix your current situation, but some contain additional AUDIO and VIDEO supplements to help walk you down the path to getting your ex back.

By selecting the right one, you can tailor whatever approach you choose to fit the needs of your own specific breakup situation.

The Magic of Making Up Review

Yes, it's the most successful of all breakup resources and the most downloaded 'get your ex back' product on the internet. And you know what? It's that way for a reason.

T.W. Jackson's The Magic of Making Up

T.W. Jackson (or "T-Dub", as friends and fans know him) has authored one of the most helpful guides to fixing an unwanted breakup... and even better, he's supplemented his findings with some very amazing video tutorials.

From the early stages of the breakup to the final few meetings that put you and your ex back together, The Magic of Making up takes you step by step through the process of getting your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to both want and need you back.

This is perhaps one of the bigger strengths of Jackson's approach. Instead of following the more traditional paths to reconciliation (the ones that don't always work) T-Dub shows you a more counter-intuitive approach to handling your breakup. Through a series of examples and exercises, you'll learn exactly why your current approach has failed, as well as what you can do to correct past mistakes.

In the end, getting your ex back isn't so much about what you do or say (although that stuff is very important), it's more about how you can change the way your ex feels about you. T.W. Jackson is a master of reversal techniques, and he shows you how to use these methods in such a way that your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend comes calling for YOU, instead of you always chasing after them.

Some of the more important topics covered within The Magic of Making Up include:

• Handling contact with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend
• What you should and shouldn't be saying to your ex after the breakup
• Getting your ex to pay attention to you when they're currently ignoring you
• Calm-mind techniques that will set your mind at ease and get you thinking straight again
• Learning the right (and very wrong) ways to apologize to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend
• The #1 opening move that will help immediately seize back control of your breakup

Magic also specializes in what T-Dub calls 'seemingly hopeless' situations. These are scenarios where your ex is avoiding you, or where you've already made most of the major mistakes in trying to win them back. Not only does Jackson hold your hand and guide you through this very rough time, but he offers mental exercises that can help keep you focused on the things that work. You'll learn what you can start doing TODAY, right now, to halt the process of the breakup and actually reverse the momentum in your favor.

Finally, one of the most important aspect of Jackson's guide is his personal, one-to-one approach to helping you get your ex back. T-Dub gladly offers up his email address and encourages those with specific relationship problems to come to him for help. This goes one step beyond most other guides to fixing a breakup, and this personal touch is what sets Magic apart from many other similar products.

The Magic of Making up has already helped tens of thousands of people across dozens of countries all around the world. The majority of these couples have gotten back together, using the methods found within. Many of them have left glowing tutorials, that can be found and read here. If you're currently in the middle of any type of breakup, these stories can be very inspiring.

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Breakup Reversed Review

Feel like your ex is pulling further and further away, with each passing day? If so, you might want to check out Breakup Reversed.

Breakup Reversed Review
Robert Parson's Breakup Reversed

When it comes to repairing a broken relationship, time is always of the essence. Halting the breakup process as soon as possible, and ultimately reversing it, is a crucial part of winning back your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Written by relationship expert Robert Parsons, the Breakup Reversed System teaches you fast methods to stop the backsliding of your ex's current emotions in regards to how they view you. By adapting an aggressive and proactive approach, Parsons shows you how you can immediately halt the breakup and begin reversing any damage that may have already been done, whether that damage happened during the romance or even afterward.

Breakup Reversed focuses like a laser beam on the reasons why people get back together. Everyone knows someone who's taken back an ex, even after something as bad as cheating. By focusing on the methods and techniques that work in such cases, you can learn and apply those same techniques to your own breakup situation.

Parsons concentrates very much on the mental aspects of why people break up, and how they feel afterward. Your ex boyfriend or girlfriend's current mindset is an integral part of whether or not you can get them back. By learning how to manipulate that mindset you can actually change their feelings and have them suddenly seeing you in a whole new way. By applying these techniques correctly, you can actually have your ex boyfriend or girlfriend asking you to take them back, instead of the other way around.

The Breakup Reversed System also covers:

• 7 must-know techniques guaranteed to win back your ex's heart
• 12 of the biggest mistakes people make after a breakup, and how to avoid them
• Instant bonding secrets that uncover your ex's past emotions and use them to your advantage
• 'Clean slate' methods designed to get your ex to forgive you, even in the case of cheating
• Honeymoon techniques geared toward putting your romance back to the way it was
• One secret trick that will put you right back into your ex's mind, no matter how you broke up

These are only some of the many things touched upon within the guide. Robert Parsons also delves into some very specific situations, such as what to do when your ex broke up with you due to cheating, or how to get your ex back when they've already started dating someone else. Taking you step by step through these specific scenarios, Parsons shows you how to apply this knowledge to your own unique situation.

For a lot more information about this very successful download, check out these 15 success stories, detailed by couples who were able to fix their broken relationships through the advice offered within Breakup Reversed.

Parson's motto: There are no impossible situations. This seems to resonate amongst people who download this guide, as the author seems dedicated to showing you exactly what to do in even the most hopeless of breakup scenarios. Advice is geared toward creating instant results, as well as putting the reader in the proper mindset that will help make things more successful.

And speaking of success, Breakup Reversed offers a success rate of over 94%! Some of the methods within might seem a little unconventional, but when applied correctly they can actually halt and reverse the breakup process almost immediately.

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The EX2 System Review

One of the more aggressive of breakup resources, The EX2 System by Matt Huston is designed specifically for men trying to get back an ex girlfriend. The advantages of a gender-specific guide are many, especially since women break up with men for very different reasons then men break up with women.

EX2 System Review
The EX2 System by Matt Huston

As such, it's helpful to approach things from your ex girlfriend's perspective. The EX2 System shows you exactly what she's thinking, how she came to the decision to leave you, and what you can do about getting her back. By getting inside your ex girlfriend's head, you're given the opportunity to fix what's wrong with the relationship from the inside out. This has many advantages over merely trying different approaches at random and hoping you'll eventually hit upon the right one.

The greatest strengths of the EX2 System are actually two-fold:

• For one, it's designed to give lightning fast results. Huston shows you extremely powerful techniques you can start using within MINUTES of downloading his relationship repair guide, and lays out an exact blueprint of how you can apply them. The biggest keys to stopping your breakup lie in a small window of opportunity, and the sooner you get to that window the easier it will be to get your girlfriend back.

• Second, the EX2 'Ex Girlfriend' System unveils some almost dirty psychological tricks, all of them geared toward quickly and easily turning your girlfriend around. Matt Huston teaches how you can get your girlfriend to chase and pursue you, and how you should react to this event by doing things that will make her need you even more. The 3-step seduction blueprint and 4 instant-application techniques are only some of the highlights of this extremely detailed and effective guidebook to reversing your breakup.

In addition to page after page of crucial information on winning your girlfriend back, The EX2 System also includes a complete audio guide as well. Listening to Huston talk while giving you direct advice is one of the more appealing aspects of the system. His very direct manner of speaking will not only tell you exactly which moves will help win back the girl that you love, but his words are both encouraging and inspiring. Just checking out the free audio on your best opening moves (found here) will give you some quick insight into what to expect from the man now known as 'The Ex Girlfriend Guru'.

Break up Reversed
• Stop the break up
• Make them want you
• Instant Results!