My Ex Won't Talk To Me - How Can I Get Them Back?

Breaking up... making up... it's the circle of romantic life. We've all seen relationships come and go, then come back full circle as new life was breathed back into them.

Ex Won't Call You
It helps to know why your ex isn't calling you

But if your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is ignoring you to the point where you no longer have contact? Is it finally over? Do they still have feelings for you, or is the relationship too far gone to get back?

Why Your Ex is Giving You The Silent Treatment

Before anything else, you need to understand the stages of letting go. Unfortunately for you, you got dumped by your ex. You had no choice, and as soon as your ex severed ties you began the long hard journey toward getting back together with them.

For your ex however, letting go was a multi-stage process. First, they decided to break up with you. They tossed the idea around in their head, and maybe bounced it off a few friends before finalizing their decision.

The point here, is that your boyfriend or girlfriend got used to the idea of not having you around. Why? Because they had advanced notice of the breakup.

Now, this doesn't mean your ex doesn't love you. Those feelings will always be there after a breakup, and they can linger on for a long time afterward. However, your ex is choosing to ignore those feelings for now. He or she is pointedly and intentionally trying to forget about their emotional bonds for you... and THIS is why your ex is ignoring you right now.

Your ex won't talk to you because they're trying to get past the breakup and into the single life that lies beyond. To do this, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend will avoid you. They won't take your calls. They won't answer your text-messages, and they will go out of their way to not be around anymore.

Take this personally, and you'll spiral downward into deep despair. But rise above it and see it for what it really is? That's when you can get your head screwed on straight. That's when you can clear your mind, stop obsessing that you'll never see your ex again and start formulating a step by step plan for getting back with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Remember: your ex still loves you. He or she still remembers the great times and awesome things you both did together. Just because they're trying to bury those feelings right now doesn't mean you should push or press your ex for reconciliation. Because right now, at this early moment? You really need to leave your ex alone.

Getting Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend to WANT You Back

Think of it this way: the more you're still around your ex, the less they'll need you around. But as soon as you go away? Suddenly there's a void where you used to be. Once you disappear, your ex actually has to face being alone for the first time. This is what will make your ex lonely, and this is the first step on the road to getting them back.

To help the process along, there are things you can do that will remind your ex of how things used to be. There are methods and techniques to bring them back to the early days, when your relationship was fresh, new, and exciting.

Leaning these techniques can go a long way toward putting your ex back to the place and time when they loved you most. Do it right, and it virtually guarantees they'll want you back.

Understanding Why Your Ex Won't Call Right Now

When your ex won't speak to you, it's because they feel strange or awkward. After breaking things off with you, this is normal. Your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't want to face you, which is why you need to back off in the initial stages after the breakup. Pushing right now will only drive them away, and prolong the amount of time they go without wanting to contact you.

No Contact
No contact is the only choice right now

But now imagine you've left your ex alone - all alone - without any sort of chasing or contact them. This gives your ex the opportunity to miss you, which is something that doesn't happen if you're constantly trying to get back in touch.

It also lets your ex experience what its like to be truly alone, yet another thing they don't have to go through if you're constantly trying to insert yourself back in their life.

Getting your ex back when they're ignoring you requires patience. It also requires just the right timing. You can't expect to maintain anywhere near the same level of communication you did while you were dating, and you shouldn't be let down by the fact that your ex is paying you little attention right now.

So if your ex won't talk to you? That's fine. It's a natural, normal reaction to having just ended your relationship. Communication is something you'll address later on, after the no-contact portion of your breakup is over.

Getting Your Ex To See You Differently Than They Do Now

Ultimately, something has to change in order for you to reverse your breakup. It's not enough to sit back and do nothing; changes need to be made in the way your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend sees and considers you, and you need to be proactive about making those changes.

Right now at least, your ex doesn't see you as boyfriend or girlfriend material anymore. To change that, you need to reverse their perception of you.

Luckily, your ex once did see you as valuable and important enough to carry on a dedicated relationship with. If you can bring your ex mentally back to the same place, you'll get the same results: they'll want to be with you again.

Reversal techniques are the fundamental core learning material needed to fix ANY breakup. Without them, you'll never succeed in getting your ex to see you as someone they'd want back in their life, at least not exclusively.

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