"I Want to Get Back Together With My Ex..."

Are you still reeling from an unwanted breakup, and want your relationship back? Have you tried getting back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, but nothing you say or do seems to work?

Feel like your boyfriend or girlfriend is slipping away minute by minute? Are they colder? More distant? Have they stopped responding to you and won't answer or return your calls?

Want To Know How You Can Halt and Reverse Your Breakup?

Stop for a second and take a deep breath. The good news is that any breakup can be fixed... no matter how badly you've been fighting, arguing, or what happened to split the two of you apart.

Fixing Your Breakup

Most people give up too quickly on getting back an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. They jump to the conclusion that the relationship is beyond repair, or that because their ex is currently ignoring them that those old feelings must already be gone.

The truth however, is that emotional bonds take time to disappear. They can linger around for a very long while, especially if your relationship had strong beginnings.

Just because your ex broke up with you doesn't mean they turned off their feelings for you like flipping off a light switch. The bonds you developed for each other took time to form, and by the same token they'll also take time to dissolve away.

Love... memories... all the things you did and shared together are way too powerful to be shoved aside. This is why there's always a way back into your ex boyfriend or girlfriend's heart, as long as you're willing to find and follow that path.

In short, getting back with your ex is a LEARNABLE skill. Like everything else in life the more you know the better off you'll be... and the greater your chances for a successful reunion.

Bringing Your Relationship Back To How It Used To Be

The beginning of every relationship is a magical time. Everything you did with your boyfriend or girlfriend was fun and exciting, and the shine of your new relationship overpowered everything else.

By learning which methods and techniques will bring your ex back to that 'honeymoon' mindset, you can renew their original interest and make your ex want you all over again. Creating those sparks can turn their attention right back to you, no matter what your current breakup situation might be.

Bringing back that early magic is an integral part of winning back your ex's heart and starting over again. The sooner you can bring back the good old days, the faster you can halt and reverse your breakup.

How To Know If Your Ex Still Has Feeling For You

After a breakup, it's not always easy to know how your ex still feels about you. Your former boyfriend or girlfriend can send off a lot of mixed signals, and because you're trying to get them back it's very common to misinterpret their words or actions.

Knowing that your ex still loves you however, can go a long way toward getting them back. Recognizing the signs that your ex still cares for you can help you determine what actions will help win them over, and exactly when you should make your move.

Signs That Your Ex Is Still In Love With You

"My ex still calls and keeps in contact with me through phone and email..."

This type of contact is a sure sign of interest. In a true breakup situation your ex wouldn't be staying in touch. Your ex may be keeping his or her foot in the door, just in case they change their mind.

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"My keeps asking if I found somebody else or started dating yet..."

When your ex starts asking about your single life, it's because he or she isn't over you yet. Your ex is afraid of losing you for good, and there are ways of using this to your advantage to get them back.

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"My ex doesn't want to get back together, but keeps stopping by to see me..."

If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is showing up to see you, it's because they miss you. Seeing you face to face is their way of making sure you're still around, while keeping themselves in your life.

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"Even though we broke up, my ex still wants to be friends with me..."

An ex who suggests staying friends is trying to keep you around in a platonic holding pattern. Find out why this is the most dangerous of all breakup situations, and how you can get out of it.

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Getting Your Ex Back When There's No Contact

Believe it or not, a lack of contact on your ex's part isn't necessarily bad. That's because even when it seems like your ex is intentionally avoiding you, there are always certain reasons for it.

No contact doesn't always equate to a lack of interest. Your ex might be feeling strange after the breakup, and probably doesn't know how to handle communication. He or she might also be avoiding you to surpress certain feelings and emotions, and this is a good sign that your ex isn't over you yet.

Contacting your ex is a crucial part of getting back together, but it has to be done at exactly the right time. Move too quickly and you could scare your boyfriend or girlfriend away... wait too long and you could lose them to another relationship.

Before doing anything, you need to have an overall game plan. The type of contact your ex is making with you can say a lot about whether or not you're on the right path.

Types of Post-Breakup Contact - What Do They Mean?

"My ex won't return my messages or emails, and won't take any of my phone calls..."

Although your boyfriend or girlfriend might be currently avoiding you, this is pretty common. Find out how you can use existing emotional bonds to get your ex thinking about you quickly and easily.

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"My ex won't talk to me, but I've gotten emails and text messages from them..."

Your ex is avoiding direct contact for a reason, but they still aren't ready to lose you yet. Learn which methods are best for getting your ex to call or contact you after the breakup's initial stages.

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"My ex doesn't want to get back together, but still wants to keep talking to me..."

Your ex is hedging their bets; trying to keep you around while they still play the field. Learn fast-working techniques geared toward making your ex see you as a potential relationship again.

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"Since the breakup, I've had no contact with my ex whatsoever..."

This type of 'no contact' period is a healthy and necessary part of getting your ex back. What matters is what you do afterward, and how to know when you should re-open the lines of communication.

Find Out What To Do

No matter what stage of the breakup you might be in, there are always steps you can take to reverse the momentum. The type of contact you make with your ex, and more especially the timing of such contact, can play a crucial role in the process of getting back together.

Reasons Why Your Ex Is Currently Ignoring You

Understanding your ex's post-breakup mindset is one of the biggest obstacles you can overcome. By realizing exactly why your ex is acting cold or distant toward you right now, you can start using the right reinsertion techniques that will achieve get back ex total success.

There are a lot of ways your ex might be pushing you away or ignoring you post-breakup. Knowing exactly what to do in each of these situations is the best way of regaining your ex's respect and attention, and there are immediate ways of countering the following behaviors:

• Your ex says they 'just want time alone'
• Your ex won't return your emails or texts
• Your ex is too busy to talk, any time you call
• Your ex is always annoyed by contact
• Your ex never answers when you call
• Your ex totally avoids or ignores you

You can't get your ex back until they want to talk to you again. This means you need to reverse their current image of you, and get your ex to see you in a positive way before you try to win them over.

Withdrawing during the early phases of your breakup is okay, but you can't sit back and do nothing at all. This is when you need to be as proactive as you can, by putting yourself in the best possible position to regain control over what happens next.

Things You Can Say To Help Get Your Ex Back

Unfortunately, there's no magical phrase or saying that will make your ex fall instantly back in love with you. There are however things you can say and do after the breakup that will get your ex to miss you, think about you, and eventually want you back in their life again.

Talking To Your Ex

Most people trying to get an ex back commit the same basic offense: they say too much. In cases like this, less is definitely more. Begging, pleading, hounding and stalking your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend are all very bad moves, and can send them screaming in the opposite direction despite your best efforts.

When talking to your ex after the breakup, you'll need to say only the right things. You want to make them receptive to the idea of dating you again, but without being pushy or desperate.

Learning what to say to your ex is important, as is the timing of when you should be approaching and talking to them. You don't want to make contact too soon after the breakup, but at the same time, you don't want to wait until your ex forgets about you, either.

Essentially, you need to change your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend's opinion of your past relationship, and make them realize that they'd much rather be with you than without you.

How To Get Your Ex To Start Chasing After You

Most break ups are one-sided, meaning that one person is usually chasing after the other. If you're the one doing the chasing, you're already in a position of weakness. You can't get your ex back until you've regained the ground that you've lost since the breakup.

That said, there are ways of actually turning the tables and reversing your current roles. With some small and simple adjustments you can turn things around, and eventually get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to actually start chasing after you, instead of vice versa.

What To Do When Your Ex Wants To Be Friends After The Breakup

The old "let's be friends" scenario is one of the more common ways your ex will push for a trial breakup. What's happening here is that you're being strung along... your ex is hoping you'll wait around as a 'friend' while they consider their options, see other people, and eventually forget about you altogether.

Ex Wants To Be Friends

You should never agree to be friends with your ex - not if what you really want is to save your relationship. Being friendly with your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend will NOT help get them back, and in fact, as time goes on it will rapidly destroy your chances of ever dating them again.

There are ways of avoiding this type of friendship scenario, and the best ones involve putting yourself back in your ex's life as a potential mate - and not just as a platonic buddy. The more you become friends with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, the less they'll see you as a romantic interest. Learn exactly what you should do and say to your ex when they give you the friendship line.

Remember, there are important reasons behind your ex wanting to be 'friends' after the breakup. Learn exactly what these are, so you can be prepared for this type of situation.

Getting Your Ex Back After One Of You Cheated

Cheating sucks, and it's one of the biggest reasons couples break up for good. The betrayal of trust isn't something that's easily overcome, which is why cheating can have such long-term effects on the future of any relationship, good or bad.

Even so, there's good news if your relationship ended due to cheating or infidelity. This is because you broke up unwillingly: either your ex abruptly dumped you when you cheated on them, or you broke things off after finding out that your boyfriend or girlfriend had been unfaithful.

In both cases, you were probably still in love with each other. You didn't break up because things were going badly between you - instead, your romance ended due to a knee-jerk reaction based upon unexpected events. This means there are lots of unresolved feelings - on both sides - that actually make it easier for you and your ex to get back together.

Learning the right approach after cheating can actually save your relationship. You need to wipe the slate clean and start fresh, but at the same time you need to get your ex to forgive you (or you forgive them). Find out exactly how to build trust after cheating, and keep your relationship going even in the case where someone was unfaithful to the other.

What To Do If Your Ex Is Already Dating Someone Else

Did your boyfriend or girlfriend move on before you could get them back? If so, it might seem like trying to fix things between you is a lost cause. In actuality however, it's often very easy to get your ex back from someone else, if you know just the right ways to approach the situation.

If your ex started dating again shortly after breaking up with you, odds are good they're involved in nothing more than a rebound relationship. These types of romances are short and fiery, and luckily they burn out rather quickly. Now's the time to be proactive about getting your ex back, because you can take steps that will put you in proper position for when the rebound relationship starts falling apart.

Find out which methods are best for subtly reinserting yourself into your ex's life, even when they have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. There are certain things you can do that will remind your ex of the great times you had together, and play upon their existing feelings so that they long to be with you again.

Opening Moves To Get Back With Your Ex

By now, you've probably already tried a few things to help get your ex to change his or her mind. If nothing you've done has worked, it's time to get on the right track to repairing your relationship.

This site contains 20+ pages of amazing free advice on how you can win back the person you're still in love with. To the left you'll find links to all different breakup scenarios, each with detailed advice on what to do in every situation. From your first moves to the moment you finally reunite with your ex again, you'll learn step by step methods for making your ex fall right back in love with you.

Additionally, be sure you check out our ex back reviews. Here you'll find detailed descriptions of the most popular and successful guidebooks to relationship repair available ANYWHERE. Audio files, video files... many of these resources contain tons of free information on how you can stop and reverse your current breakup, regardless of how long it's been since your relationship ended.

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