How to Make an Ex Boyfriend Jealous

Jealousy is huge. Powerful. It motivates us in ways that are different from most emotions. And after a breakup? It can be used as a powerful too to make an ex boyfriend turn around, notice, and suddenly want you again.

Make Exboyfriend Jealous
Is jealousy a tool that can get your boyfriend back?

Now yeah, that sounds like a dirty trick. But we'd all be lying if we said we hadn't used jealousy - in one way or another - to make someone feel a certain way, or do a certain thing.

Manipulation using jealousy works. That's unquestionable. When when it comes to winning back the love of an ex boyfriend, you'll want to use this emotion only in constructive ways. In other words you want to avoid bad (destructive) jealousy... and stick to what's good.

The methods you'll learn below should only be used if you need them. There are some other great ways to grab an ex boyfriend's attention, and if you've gotten to this point, you should already have tried them.

First, there are these reconnection techniques. Executed correctly, your ex should've called or contacted you by now. But if he's still ignoring you completely? Yes, you can make your ex boyfriend jealous in order to get his attention again. Here's how:

Why Making Your Ex Jealous Works So Well

Understand something about breaking up: the person who initiated the break (your boyfriend) holds all the power. You, on the other hand, hold none.

This makes your boyfriend feel secure. In his head, he knows he can get you back any time he wants. All he has to do is make a phone call. He knows you didn't want the relationship to end, therefore he's secure in the knowledge you'll come running right back to him.

Now once jealousy is involved? Suddenly things change. When your ex sees you laughing, going out, and having fun without him? He starts to question whether or not you even want him back. And when he sees you on the arm of another guy? Well... that's the most powerful motivating factor of all. Because now he has to do something new and foreign to him: he has to face the possibility of losing you for good.

Up until now, he knew he could still have you. This allows him to go on with the break up, letting you go slowly (in his mind and his heart) until he thinks about you less and less, and eventually doesn't need you anymore.

Once jealousy is involved? Your ex HAS to think about you. It's like you're grabbing him by the face and turning him around and saying "Look! See what you're going to be missing?"... all without ever saying a word.

At the same time, too much envy can cause your ex to feel animosity toward you. In this case jealousy backfires, giving your ex cause to push himself even further away in the opposite direction. You want to get his attention, but not in an overly negative way. You want him to see you're about to move on, but not that you have moved on.

Somewhere in the middle is the right balance. Jealousy gets your exboyfriend's attention, but temper it with restraint. Use it judiciously, and never maliciously. In other words, don't throw something in your ex's face, or stoop to the level of taunting him about it.

Improving Yourself To Make Your Boyfriend Want You Again

One of the quick ways to make your exboyfriend jealous is to look and feel absolutely fantastic. It's also one of the methods you have the most control over.

No matter how you looked during the relationship, you can always look better. Yes, physical appearance MATTERS. Your looks, your style, your weight... all of these things will keep a guy physically attracted to you, and let's face it, attraction is a huge part of any good relationship.

So hit the gym. Work hard. And after you've done that? Go out and get yourself a new wardrobe. Looking sharp, looking tan, looking your best - these things will turn your ex's head the next time he sees you. Or even better, the next time his friends see you, and gon on to tell him how good you look.

Changing Your Attitude - Keeping Your Chin Up

Pouting, crying, begging, pleading... whatever you did after the breakup, you now need to put your best foot forward. Your exboyfriend will never be envious of a girl he dumped who stays in the gutter, acting like a jilted ex lover.

I know it's easy to feel depressed. I know it's simpler to stay inside and cry into your pillow. But if you want him back? You need to put these things aside, and you need to put them aside PRONTO.

Think about the attributes you find attractive in a guy. You like confidence, right? A guy who's always laughing, smiling, and making other people laugh? A guy who's funny and witty and cute. Someone who is strong both mentally AND physically, and someone whose happiness is dependent only upon himself, and not others.

Sound about right? Of course it does. And guess what? These are the things your boyfriend is looking for as well.

This is why it's vitally important to stay VERY positive after the break up. You want to show your ex that everything isn't just "okay", it's actually magnificent. Go out. Do things. See people. Make yourself visible, and make sure that visibility is punctuated by happiness and laughter. Because when your ex hears that you're not just out but actually seem to be looking great (see above) and also having the best time of your life? He's going to instantly question whether he made the right move by breaking up with you.

Dating Another Guy To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

Now here's where some girls balk, and they refuse to move forward. They're so afraid that if they go on a date with some other guy - or even get seen with someone else - their exboyfriend will find out and never want them back again.

One of the most jarring moves you can make post-breakup is to start seeing someone else. ESPECIALLY if your ex boyfriend hasn't already begun dating another girl.

Seeing you or hearing about you out with another guy will make your ex instantly and irrevocably jealous. No, it doesn't matter that he's the one who ended things. No, it doesn't matter that he hasn't contacted you. Once he knows you've been with another guy - even just on a single date - he has to immediately face the fact that getting you back might no longer be possible.

Like I said before, this is something he hasn't ever had to face. Up until now, the entire break up was under his control. Now, abruptly, some of that control has gone to you. You're calling the shots, and he's put into a position he hasn't been yet: a reactionary one.

Regaining Confidence After Breaking Up

Dating other people is an important step in making yourself more marketable, not just to your exboyfriend, but to the rest of the world as well. You can't sit home feeling sorry for yourself forever, and the longer you do it the worse you'll feel.

Getting up and getting back on the horse is good for you. Mentally it clears your head of that same replay you keep going over and over; the breakup. Physically you're forced to get showered, dressed, and get outside again.

The best benefits are of course emotional ones. While you're not ready to forget about your ex, there's nothing that says you can't go out and have fun. Grab dinner, see a movie, go somewhere you never went before. Do those things and you'll find yourself in a much better frame of mind. No, you're not looking for true love, or a soulmate, or even anything resembling a serious relationship right now. But you are looking to move forward, which will show your ex you don't belong to him anymore.

Your Ex Boyfriend's Reaction to Seeing You Dating Again

At first, your ex will act like he doesn't care if you see other people. Especially on the outside. But on the inside? It'll be eating at him that you're moving on, and that HIS GIRLFRIEND is now potentially about to kiss someone else.

See, your ex doesn't want to see you succeed. Not because he's a jerk and not because he hates you. He'd rather see you miserable because it makes him think YOU need him more than he needs you. Now, all of a sudden that's not true. It seems - at least on the surface - that you don't need him at all. And this is a pretty big reality check for someone who knows you've been tripping over your own feet in an effort go get back with him.

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