Making Your Ex Need You Back - One Key Move You MUST Learn

The road to getting your ex back can be long and complicated. There are mistakes that can really hurt your chances of going out with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend again, but luckily, there are also some key golden moves that will help to win them over.

Getting Your Ex Back
Do you know the single BEST move that
will help you get your ex back?

So when your ex boyfriend or girlfriend initially broke up with you, what was your first reaction?

Did you drop to their feet and beg for another chance? Did you tell them you were sorry, and that whatever was wrong, you'd somehow change it?

Or did you present a more logical argument to keep the relationship going, only to have them break up with you anyway?

In the end, it doesn't really matter. Your boyfriend or girlfriend still dumped you, leaving you alone and heartbroken. And as you feel your ex slipping further away as each day passes by, you'll unfortunately be tempted to make all of the really bad moves associated with desperately trying to win them back.

Instead, you only need to make one adjustment. Believe it or not, if you really want to undo your breakup, all you have to do is learn the basic psychology behind the law of supply and demand.

Holding Your Cards Close To Your Chest

Get one thing straight: although your ex dumped you, he or she still has to go through the same basic relationship withdrawals that you do. But unlike you, they have something to make them stronger. They have something to lean on, and to keep them going while they continue the breakup.

That something is YOU.

After an unwanted breakup, you become your own worse enemy. In chasing your ex, talking to them, calling and trying to convince them to change their mind? In doing all those things YOU are giving your ex the strength to go on. You're reaffirming their belief that the romance is over. Without even realizing it, you're proving them right in their decision to end the relationship.

Remember, your ex will always take a glance back to see how you handle the breakup. This is where you pass or fail. This is where you show your boyfriend or girlfriend a strong, independent, and even indifferent front... or where you fall to pieces and show them someone who they wouldn't even want to take back as a lover or partner.

So what should you be showing your ex after the breakup? Check out these first moves to help get you started on making yourself back into someone your ex remembers loving, admiring, and most of all, desiring to be with.

To sum it up, you should never let your ex see you bothered by the breakup. Never let them know they mean the world to you, and that you simply can't go on without them. Do this, and you're signing the death certificate to your own relationship. All of the power shifts immediately in their favor, and you become the weak, desperate, needy person who they used to actually look up to.

Demonstrating The Ability To Move On Without Them

Your ex actually needs to see you struggling with the breakup. This makes them strong, and gives them the confidence to move on without you. So when you're NOT giving them this type of show? When you're NOT allowing them to see how devastated you are by losing them? Suddenly their confidence is shattered, and the nagging doubt begins.

Reversing Your Breakup
Walking away... it helps you
regain power, respect, and control

While he or she knows they still have you, your ex won't want you. It's a general rule.

But when they're not sure they can get you back? Suddenly you become valuable again.

The ability to walk away is one of the few things you do have control over right now, and you need to seize it. Take back some of the power you lost when your boyfriend or girlfriend broke things off and start being proactive about getting your ex back.

In the end, whether or not you get back together depends on many factors. There will be times to move forward and approach your ex, and times to break contact and move away. Learning exactly when to do each of these things and how to go about doing them is a crucial part of getting your boyfriend or girlfriend back.

Be sure you have a complete blueprint of what you're going to do, before you even start to do anything. Trying to get your ex back without a plan is like picking up your car keys, driving to their house, and not really knowing what you're going to say. The end result? You're in an even worse position than when you started.


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