How to Become Someone That Your Ex Will Want To Date Again

After a breakup, it's common to focus only on what YOU want. You're so wrapped up in getting your boyfriend or girlfriend to come back to you, that you're not really taking a good look at what you're offering them in return.

Make Your Ex Want You Back
Look in the mirror. Would you want to date
yourself again? If not, you need to change things.

The answer to that question of course, is yourself. In trying to undo your breakup you're actually selling yourself back to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, or at least, trying to sell the relationship.

To do this, most people concentrate on what they think their ex wants. For example, "I'll change... I promise." This type of approach never really works, because your ex knows you're saying these things out of desperation. Right now you'd do and say just about anything to get that person back, so they're going to be wary of any promises you try to make.

And will you really change? Should you? These are good questions, but no one really asks them. Instead of working on the right approach to reconciliation, people using this approach are making promises they just can't keep. Trying to 'change' always leads to resentment and problems.

No matter how you broke up, how long ago it was, or what happened between you as a couple, one thing is common amongst ALL breakups: You'll never be successful in getting back together unless you first make your ex want you back. In the end, when you sum it all up? It's really that simple.

Yet before you confuse simple for easy, understand that getting your ex interested in you will require some work on your part. Luckily, there are some easy adjustments that can re-capture the magic of your original relationship and cause your ex to see you as they once did before. Do it right, and they'll fall for you all over again.

Learn which 10 techniques are best for rekindling that initial attraction, and your relationship can be just as strong and magical as it was in the beginning.

The Easiest Ways To Make Your Ex Want You Back

In the meantime, you've got a lot you can do during the no-contact phase of your breakup. Rather than changing who you are or how you act, think of it more as bringing yourself back to the roots of your relationship. By becoming the person you were when your ex first kissed you, you become the person he or she fell in love with all those months or years ago.

Below you'll find a list of things you can do while waiting for your ex to miss you. Some of them are mental, some are physical, but all of them involve you taking a proactive approach to getting back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

1) Regain Your Independence

While dating someone, it's easy to become reliant. During your relationship you probably talked to your boyfriend/girlfriend every single day. You went places, did things, ate together, slept together, and rolled around in bed together. And now, suddenly, you're all alone.

When this happens, it's hard to break the habit of wanting to always be around your ex. As they pull further and further away from you, you'll grow more and more panicked. This is where you'll become obsessed with talking to, seeing, or chasing after your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend. Unfortunately, this is also where you become wholly unattractive to them for exactly this type of behavior.

Remember how strong, and independent you were when you first met your partner? Chances are good that this is one of the traits that attracted them to you in the first place. Instead of being needy and reliant, you were your own person. You had your own friends, your own hobbies, and your own exciting life.

By recapturing who you were when your lover first found you, you're recapturing some of that initial magic. You're becoming the man or woman they wanted to be with, and this can have a huge influence on whether or not your ex wants you back. Moreover, you're suddenly looking a lot less desperate than you were before. You've moved on with your life, and this is something far more attractive than if your ex were to see you were sitting home alone, waiting for the phone to ring.

2) Maintain Total Confidence

If you're a guy, you already know the value of confidence. Confidence gets things done. It's a catalyst for good luck, and good outcomes. Confident people win more than insecure people... and they also get what they want more often than not. There's no downside to being confident, so long as you don't let your ego get the best of you. And best of all? Girls LOVE men who are sure of themselves.

Ex Wants You Back
Cool confidence. There is no substitute.

But hey, guess what? Even if you're a woman, confidence is king. Like it or not, today's man is looking for a more self-sufficient woman these days. Girls who have their own thing going on, their own friends, their own hobbies... these things are all very attractive to a guy looking for a potential girlfriend.

Neediness will always ruin your chances of getting back together with your ex. No one wants a sad, weepy, clingy partner. The more you plan to rely on your boyfriend or girlfriend to make the relationship work, the more pressure you're putting on them.

Don't let the fact that you were dumped shake your confidence. Everyone goes through an unwanted breakup at one time or another, and handled correctly it can actually strengthen your future relationship once you do get back together. Approach getting your ex back with confidence, and you'll be a lot more successful than if you don't.

3) Be Attractive - Mentally and Physically - Inside and Out

It happens... we all let things go. You're bound to get comfortable over the course of a long relationship, and you probably haven't been looking or even feeling as sharp as you were when you first met your partner.

This is okay, as it leaves room for improvement. One of the best goals you can have during the no-contact stage of your breakup is to look, feel, and be your physical and mental best. This might require joining a gym, working out, taking up running, and clearing your body and mind of any lethargic habits you might've developed toward the end of your relationship. Exercise is therapeutic, and you can certainly use that to your advantage.

Now this isn't to say your ex broke up with you for physical reasons, but it never hurts to look and feel your best. You can groom yourself, get a tan, slim down and tone up... all of these things will help make your boyfriend or girlfriend want you back again when it's time to contact your ex and start the next phase of winning them over. Buying new clothes is a quick and instant way that you can feel good about yourself, and this will in turn help boost your confidence. In short, you want your ex to see you in a brand new light the next time you run into each other, and you want their reaction to be a very positive one.

And by making the above physical changes? You're not only looking great, but you're changing your mental attitude as well. Cool confidence will replace depression and insecurity, and as you feel better about yourself you'll start putting off good vibes and strong charisma.

These changes will be noticed by friends, family, and everyone you hang out with. You should be making the most of this downtime to really become someone your ex would want to date again. In the end, this is what will repair your breakup faster than anything else.

4) Get Out And Have Fun

Think you should sit at home waiting for your ex to call? Afraid if you start going out your ex might suddenly get angry and lose interest in taking you back? if so, you'd better think again. Being active and social are some of the best ways to not only recapture your ex boyfriend or girlfriend's attention, but to actually make your ex jealous of the good time that you're having.

Win Back Your Ex
Nothing makes your ex more jealous than seeing
you having a good time without them.

Remember... your ex started dating you because you were fun and exciting. And now that you're acting all crushed and destroyed, your boyfriend or girlfriend probably has very little interest in what you're doing.

In short, no one wants to come to a pity party. If you suspect you might still throwing one, it's time to take down the decorations and get the hell out of your house as quickly as possible. The sooner you can get back to what you were doing when your ex first met you, the greater your chances of getting them back.

Getting out and having a blast is one of the best ways you can make your ex see you the way they did before. Instead of sitting home and mourning the breakup you're suddenly out with friends, laughing, smiling, and having a great time. Your ex will be envious for a simple reason: they wanted to be your good time. Your ex saw his or herself as the main person in your life, and the main source for your happiness. To see you happy without them? It's like a knife to their ego.

Making your ex jealous is always a good thing, especially if it seems like you're not doing it intentionally. Getting out and talking to other people is always a great technique for waking your ex up and making them realize they actually stand to lose you should they allow the break up to go on. And while this might not make your ex want you back right away, seeing you having fun with other people certainly plants the seeds for a possible reconciliation. By creating this type of situation, you're forcing your ex to make a positive decision: if they do still have feelings for you, they'll need to act quickly if they want to keep you for themselves.

Triggering these emotional hot buttons will jumpstart any residual feelings your ex still has for you. It's this type of reactionary approach that will help put you back on their map again.

Never sit at home, and never try to get your ex to take pity on you. Your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't want to be guilt-tripped back into a relationship, and even were you to succeed at something like that your new romance wouldn't last long at all. The ideal way to get back with your ex is to make them think the reconciliation was their idea. You don't want to have to chase or hunt your ex down... you want THEM chasing YOU.

Other Ways of Regaining Your Ex's Attention After The Breakup

The minute your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, they started directing their attention elsewhere. From that moment on you went from number one to somewhere else down their list, as they begin exploring their new life without you.

This is why it's so important to regain the attention of your ex. The sooner you can put the emphasis back upon you - and especially your past relationship together - the easier it will be to get back together. This is why reconnection techniques are so important, because they bring your ex back to a time when you were still a couple, and when you were very relevant to their life.

The problem of course, is subtlety. In trying to get your ex back you can't beat them over the head with the 'good old days' of your past relationship... you need them to be subtly reminded of those times all on their own. Push too hard and your ex will run quickly in the opposite direction, mostly because they know what you're trying to do. Your agenda consists solely of trying to get back together, regardless of what they might be feeling right now.

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