My Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back?

The green light. After a break up, we all wait for it. We're all looking for signs that an ex still needs us, loves us, and wants to get back together with us again.

Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back
Are there ways to tell when your ex boyfriend wants you back?

So how do you know when the light is green? What signals will your ex boyfriend give off when he's looking to take you back, and which are signals of false hope that mean absolutely nothing?

Do you know the difference? You'd better. That is, if you want any hope of reconciliation, and putting your relationship back to where it was before your boyfriend broke up with you.

Truth is, guys can be confusing. Some of the things they do - and the contact they make - after the breakup can make is seem as if things are good again, like they were when you were dating.

Yet at the same time, men will often act like these signs mean nothing. They'll call you, text-message you, talk to you as if everything is fantastic. They'll play these scenarios up one way, and then just a day or two later, act like nothing ever happened between you - and the breakup is still in full effect.

What Does it Mean When Your Ex Contacts You?

If your ex boyfriend is calling or texting you, or if he's throwing you a bunch of mixed signals, you really need to know what to do. How you react to these situations can mean the difference between getting back together or staying apart.

There are 5 definitive signs of interest you need to look out for, as well as other signals given off when he's starting to notice you again, and leaning in the direction of wanting you back.

In addition, there will be certain actions your ex will take when he misses you. Some of these will be subtle, and you'll have to read them. Others will manifest themselves when he misses you so much he actually has to see or talk to you.

How Can You Tell if Your Ex Boyfriend Misses You?

Once you've broken up, a number of things will happen on both sides. On your side, things are immediately painful. You got dumped, and you probably didn't expect it.

Maybe you fought. Hard. Maybe you tried to convince your ex not to end the relationship. Most women who suffer through an unwanted break up will make some sort of case for continuing the romance. Hopefully you didn't push too hard here, or make yourself appear desperate. Any begging or pleading you did will set you back several steps when it comes to fixing things, and getting back together may seem very far away.

On your ex boyfriend's side however, there is no immediate pain. He's not missing you for a simple reason: he knows he can get you back if he wants to.

This puts you in a very bad position. Your ex has no reason to miss you while he knows you're still available. And the more you try to call or text-message him? The more solidified his position becomes. He's 100% confident in the breakup, because he can't possibly make a mistake. If he finds someone else or moves on? He was right. And if he suddenly decides he wants you back? Well there you are, waiting patiently by the phone like a good little ex girlfriend.

THIS PROLONGS THE BREAKUP. Always. Which is why sitting there and making yourself "available" anytime he needs you is such a terrible idea. You're actually doing the opposite of what you need to make him want you back. Because right now, he has no reason to miss or want you at all.

How to Make Your Ex Need You Again

Getting an ex boyfriend back is all about reigniting that original spark; you know, the one the two of you felt when you first got together. Those first connections are the emotionally strongest, and by rekindling those feelings you can make him want, need, and absolutely HAVE to have you back.

There are some very cool emotional reconnection techniques that work wonders in this situation. Make sure you know them, because they're the basis for everything else you're going to do.

Beyond that, you need to do the following. And in this order:

•   Agree with the breakup. Accept it, don't fight it.

•   Counter-reject your ex boyfriend. (More on how to do that here).

•   Go NO CONTACT for a few weeks. No texting, no calling, no anything.

•   Improve yourself in every aspect of your life (mental, physical, emotional).

•   If your ex hasn't called you, use these reinsertion techniques to get his attention.

•   Slowly move toward a reunion date. And know how to handle it when it happens.

•   Clean the slate; any new relationship must be free of old problems.

Now obviously this is a very abridged version of events. Fixing a break up requires that both parties are equally invested in making things work. To get him back, you'll have to change his current mindset. As it stands, your exboyfriend is more interested in a life without you - at least right now - than in making your old relationship work again.

Other Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Other indications will arise when your boyfriend is looking your way again. Some might be purely out of habit; he's so used to contact with you, he's not ready to fully let go. Others might be emotional; your ex has connections that aren't totally severed. And yes, he might even show signs of physically and sexually wanting you again. Don't take this to mean he's ready to jump back into a relationship: it's just as likely your exboyfriend is simply looking to get his rocks off.

Your Ex Starts Talking About the Breakup

If he's doing this, it's because he has unresolved issues. Maybe he's even blaming himself for some of the things that happened.

Let him talk here. He might even give you the true reasons behind breaking up with you (it's not always what he initially says). Anytime an ex boyfriend is bringing up all the fighting and bad blood that broke the two of you up, it's because he's looking to justify these things with YOU.

This is a good sign, because a boyfriend who didn't care at all anymore wouldn't do this.

Your Ex Boyfriend Calls You Drunk

Drunk-dialing is a sure sign of interest. No matter what he says, or how he acts, you're on his mind. And you're on his mind so much that he called you at his weakest moment; when he'd been drinking, and his inhibitions were lowered.

Never argue with a drunk ex boyfriend. Never take what he says too seriously, either. Remain aloof, and don't give him too much information about you. Don't go on about how much you miss him either; you don't want to seem too desperate or available here, or he'll be satisfied with this small amount of contact and not have need to contact you again.

In short, always leave your ex wanting more. The best way to do this is to let him talk, and give him as littla as possible. Your goal here is to make him call again, when he's sober and it means more.

Your Ex Shows up at your Job or School or Home

The old "showing up out of nowhere" is a 100% pure indication he's still interested. Coming to the place you work or live is a sign that he couldn't stay away from you. He also didn't call or text you because he had an overwhelming desire to SEE you physically.

Your ex could also be checking up on you. As in, "hey, I broke up with you but I want to make sure you're not dating anyone else". This is a huge sign of jealousy, and that's a fairly good thing. There are also ways you can make your ex boyfriend jealous to get him interested again, but be careful when using these somewhat controversial techinques.

Your Ex Gets his Friends to Talk to You

If your ex boyfriend's friends are asking about you or talking to you, they're probably doing it for his benefit. He's not a the place where he can contact you directly, so he's using other resources to check up on you.

This is a decent sign of interest, but it doesn't mean much unless he's doing it continually. Keeping a mystery is vital, especially during the no contact phase of the breakup, so be polite, but don't open yourself up to his friends at all.

Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to Be Friends With You

You might think this is a good idea, but it's actually not. Because while staying friends with your ex gives you reason to contact him and stick around in his life, you're only there as a "friend" and not as his girlfriend.

Hang around as friends for too long and you know what happens? You can never get back. Your ex will never see you as a girlfriend again, or as a potential girlfriend. He'll just look at you as that 'cool girl he still talks to that he used to sleep with'.

Are you okay with that? Or would you rather have him back? Learn lots more about exactly what you should do when your ex still wants to be friends.

Your Ex Wants to Have Sex With You (a.k.a. The Booty Call, or 'Friends with Benefits')

It's tempting, I know. Especially since all you've done is think about him, and replay in your mind how safe and secure you felt in his arms.

Sex with your ex is a bold move. In some cases it can bring you closer together, and therefore, closer to reconcilation. In other cases though, it's nothing more than a couple of orgasms. So you want to be very cautious about how you approach things when your boyfriend makes that booty call.

Still, this is of course a sign of interest. Your ex is missing you physically (for sure), and possibly emotionally as well. You can easily refuse him here, and that might even pique his interest in you. But if you do decide to roll with it, make sure you don't read too much into the sex itself. After all, it could mean nothing more than a one-time physical connection.

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