6 Super Easy Moves Guaranteed to Win Your Ex Back

Going through an unwanted breakup sucks. But know what sucks more? Chasing that person week after week, only to be hurt and rejected at every single turn.

Moves to Get an Ex Back

If you're trying to fix a broken relationship, know that it must be a two-way street. No one person can undo the damage done by two people, and no single person can make the other person want to come back when they really don't want to.

So to win your ex's love back? You'll need to re-attract them. And when you boil it down to basics, it's really nothing more than a step by step process.

Be Able to Walk Away... and MEAN IT

The key to getting back an ex lover is to have *them* chase *you*. Thinking you can go after them, wear them down, and then somehow convince them to give things another try is the absolute WORST approach you can take, because it always puts you in a position of disadvantage.

Even if you *could* get your ex back (which might work 1 in 50 times), that person will constantly be looking for an easy escape. Every little disagreement, fight, or arguement you have after that, your ex will be thinking "I knew I shouldn't have listened... I knew I should've kept walking... this was a MISTAKE."

So when you get dumped, say whatever it is that's on your mind, and then WALK AWAY CLEANLY. Don't look back, don't chase, and for the love of everything that's holy don't beg, plead, cry, throw yourself at your ex's feet, or promise 'to change'.

If your breakup already happened and you did NOT walk away cleanly, your first move can be found right here.

Communicate That You Don't Want to Be Friends With Your Ex

Once you let your ex know that you have no interest in being friends (or being friend-zoned), that leaves only one scenario: lover. The *only* position you want in their life is that of a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you should never be sorry for wanting this.

Remember: never apologize for wanting to continue seeing this person. It's what you want, and you need to convey it in the most straightforward, honest way possible.

At the same time, you can't convey it from a point of neediness. Make no apologies for still wanting them. Make no apologies for the past relationship, good or bad, only that you wish it hadn't ended. If they still offer to be friends or stay in touch with you, politely refuse. Your ex needs to know this kind of a safety-net *isn't* going to happen, and that's precisely when you walk away.

In a way it's kind of like buying a car, and negotiating with the salesman. Here, you want a relationship. Your ex is trying to sell you a friendship. Rather than settle on some pseudo-platonic relationship, which is totally NOT what you want, you have to be willing to walk away from the negotiating table altogether while you're still in a position of power.

The last thing you should say to your ex (as you leave) is simple: Get in touch with me if you ever change your mind. THAT'S IT. This is the end of contact on your side, PERIOD. The very next time you talk to this person should be when *they* call *you*. And not before that.

Create a Great Lifestyle for Yourself

You can't re-attract somebody without your own life being attractive, and for YOU to have some purpose. This works not only on your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, but it also attracts outside interests - and these, in turn, will force your ex to change their opinion of you, and instantly see you as someone DATABLE, DESIRABLE, and most of all, someone they can now very easily LOSE FOREVER.

When your ex looks back he or she should see someone who's happy, well-adjusted, tan, beautiful, hitting the gym, wearing new clothes, going out with friends, having a kickass time, and laughing their ass off.

In short, your ex should feel like they just got left in the DUST.

THIS is how to get your ex back. Not moping around at home, crying into a pillow, posting lame song lyrics online or trying for sympathy points.

Avoid ANY Engagement With Your Ex on Social Media

Do NOT engage your ex on social media. For some people, this is hard to understand. There's a good chance when your ex starts renewing his or her interest in you, the first move they'll make is liking your Facebook posts or commenting on your social profiles.


Answering your ex's comments with comments of your own immediately gives them the advantage. Remember: you're committed to absolute silence until they call or text you, PERIOD. Until that actually happens, you have to ignore any likes or comments you might be getting, even if they seem to be going in a positive direction.

Don't Bore Your Ex to Tears with a 'Warm Up' Period of First Contact

Now if your ex DOES text or call you again? Your first response is simple: "Hey, great to hear from you. What have you been up to? When's a good time to get together?"

You want to be direct here. No nonsense, no chit-chat, no week-long bullshit back-and-forth small talk text messages. Your goal is always the same: to SEE this person as soon as possible after they've re-initated contact.

You just went through a long period of no contact. This is what you've been waiting for! So why would you waste the first communication chit-chatting about nothing? Your ex is reaching out, hoping you're interested!

If an ex does reach out to you, the last thing you want to do is bore them with a bunch of lame, meaningless "what are you doing?" messages. If you've texted back and forth more than 4 or 5 times - without setting up a date to hang out - you've already lost their interest. This person reached out to you for a REASON. They're INTERESTED again. They very much want to hang out, but they also want YOU to initiate the hangout. That's how the transaction works: since they initiated contact, you make the offer to meet.

And if your ex still hasn't gotten in touch with you yet?

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Set a Reunion Date Immediately After Regaining Contact

When your ex does come sniffing around for you, make a date to MEET UP. The big mistake people make here is trying to continue a phone call or text-message relationship, thinking they can bring up the level of interest through a whole bunch of electronic contact. This is the worst possible move, because NOTHING accelerates attraction more than a face-to-face meeting.

So don't do the endless texting thing. Don't do the week after week of flirting over the phone or email thing. Act as if you're extremely busy with your great new life, and then ask your ex when the best time to meet up would be. If they can't (or won't) pin down a time, tell them to call you back when they actually can. Then hang up, or end the text conversation, and don't text them again until they DO.

Remember, you never want your ex to have the upper hand. You always want to act from a position of power. If it feels like you're chasing your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in getting them to see them again, YOU ARE. Stop chasing! Neediness is the most unattractive trait you can exhibit, and the more you do this the faster your ex's interest will drop off again.

Make Sure You Do the Reunion Date CORRECTLY

This really boils down to one simple rule: Make sure you set up an actual DATE with your ex, and not some lame, friendly hangout for 'coffee'.

Keep in mind: when you settle on a date to meet up, it MUST be in the evening. Don't do coffee, which can be during the day, or anything else that's over quickly. Don't go to the movies either, because it gives you no opportunity to talk. And when it's over, what then?

You want an open-ended evening where there's really no end. Inviting your ex over to make dinner together is the PERFECT way to accomplish this. Dinner is open-ended, and making it together can be fun and flirty. Best of all there's no end time. Either the date ends in sex (the best possible scenario) or it ends with your date leaving your house after having had a fun, relaxing time with you.

During the date, BE DECISIVE. Don't dick around or act all wishy-washy. Don't talk about being together again, or the breakup, or anything like that, but you should also not act overly 'friendly' or platonic. If there's romance, feed into it. If there's electricity, go with it. Be aware of flirting. Of body language. These things should be easy to spot, because you wooed your ex once already and know what those signs look like.

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